Welcome to PICKSC GUI 1.0

This site is to provide a prototype web Graphical User Interface (GUI) to learn, teach and use various PICKSC code for PICKSC communicty.

This GUI performs 2 tasks. First (under the 'Input' tab), it contains example input decks for the various PICKSC codes which you can edit and download. You can use it to run simple simulations (there is a single-node server attached to this GUI which permits simple simulations to be performed) with it. The GUI can be used to generate ANY FORTRAN namelists so please contact us (via the right tab) if you would like to collaborate with us to use the GUI for your code. The GUI gives useful information on the various input parameters by hovering over the name of the variables. It also provides some feedback and validations in the form of text outputs (e.g., estimate memory usage) and lineouts (e.g. density profile, laser profile, etc..)

The second task (under the 'Job' tab) of the GUI is to run the codes using the input files generated from the GUI. Currently the GUI can submit jobs to UCLA Hoffman2 computer cluster where anyone can run our codes. The codes generate some simple images and MP4 animations which can be played after the simulation is complete (by selecting the file and hit the 'view' button). We also provide a simple python script which let you look at the HDF5 output from our codes, you can look at the simulation data by selecting one of the HDF5 files and hit 'view'. We are currently working with researchers at SDSC to expand this feature to allow the GUI to run simulation at the various NSF computing facilities.

The GUI requires only a Google ID for authentication, so please first click on the 'Sign In' tab to log in. Enjoy!!